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Tom Hiddleston Interview on Shakespeare in the Movies









Teasing b**ch.

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tag on lovelies, I´m on mobile

Whoa, whut? What type of naked are we talking about here? Full, partial, frontal, rear? I need details.

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ok so now I have find some napkins because I just spit coffee onto my phone.



Does this say what I think it says??? ‘Cause I think it says naked…

It says naked…

Burgonet, Filippo Negroli, 1543.
“This masterpiece of Renaissance metalwork is signed on the browplate by Filippo Negroli, whose embossed armor was praised by sixteenth-century chroniclers as “miraculous” and deserving “immortal merit.” Made from one plate of steel patinated to look like bronze, the bowl is raised in high relief with motifs inspired by classical art. The graceful mermaid forming the helmet’s comb holds the grimacing head of Medusa by the hair. The sides of the helmet are covered with acanthus scrolls inhabited by putti, a motif probably derived from the Roman wall frescoes rediscovered in the Golden House of Nero.”


Amazon (by International Traveller)


1. That boy who gives you butterflies and goosebumps will break your goddamn heart. He will tear it into a thousand pieces, try to fix it, then tear it apart again. Trust nobody.

2. He’s going to make you believe that he would never hurt you in a million years. He’ll get defensive when you accuse him of things, then turn around and treat you like shit.

3. You will cry. A lot.

4. Netflix and junk food will become your new best friend.

5. Then you’ll feel like shit for eating so much junk food and you’ll exercise everyday and eat almost nothing.

6. You’ll be okay. You’ll stop crying, eventually. It will take a while, but you’ll be fine. At some point you’ll stop wanting to hurt yourself. You lived before him and you’ll live after him.


six things I wish I knew six months ago. (via im-trapped-in-wonderlandd)

  • what I say: nice shirt
  • what I mean: duDE I'M IN THAT FANDOM